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Wificom Technologies Oy in Brief

Wificom Technologies Oy is a leading-edge global supplier of WLAN service management products for companies operating in the broadband wireless marketplace. Wificom Technologies Oy’s innovative and flexible software products enable service providers, operators and venue owners to deliver and manage new value-added broadband services to multiple networks. Wificom Technologies Oy also offers professional services to its clientele.

Our goal is to be the premier supplier of WLAN service management products for the global broadband industry, as well as to launch the best services for and with our clients by partnering with the leading players in selected market areas. As a pioneer in the wireless market, Wificom Technologies Oy’s focus remains on delivering market-driven products based on real customer needs. Wificom Technologies Oy’s solutions are based on industry standards and an open architecture.

Wificom Technologies Oy’s flagship product, SAB Server™, has been selected by customers and partners, including regional telecom operators, integrators and wireless Internet service providers, in more than 20 countries. Wificom Technologies Oy was founded at the birth of the WLAN expansion in 2000 and is based in Helsinki, Finland.