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New Free Licensing Scheme for Educational Institutions

Helsinki, June 2nd, 2008

Wificom Technologies is now offering free licenses to qualifying Educational Institutions. If you qualify as an Educational Institution, you can request a fully functional, perpetual, free-of-charge license to use SAB Server, which allows you to use SAB Server without limitation within and for your Educational Institution. Examples of qualifying Educational Institutions are universities, public and private schools, and many non-profit organisations. (For-profit companies, save for private universities, generally do not qualify as Educational Institutions.) If you furthermore have a computing department or computer science faculty or other resources with interested developers, you may also be eligible for a free-of-charge source-code license. SAB Server is not released as open source, but even source code may be given to selected Educational Institutions who would like to modify the functionality to better suit their specific needs.

As an Educational Institution you may be interested in offering free Internet access to visitors and/or students, but still by controlling who gains access and how. And for the rest, why not make it possible to access Internet against instant credit card payment for example. At minimum, you probably want the users to accept and comply with your Internet access policies, which is readily done with SAB Serverô.

If you are interested in the free SAB Educational Institution License, please email us at edu(at) with a short description of your organisation.