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Payment Partners

Our clients have good experiences with e.g. the following payment providers for credit card transaction processing. Our clients usually choose their preferred partner and make the required integration in Java through the SAB Server Payment API. Clients may also choose to have Wificom do the integration, depending on their own in-house development resources and other factors. The number of payment partners supported out of the box, not requiring any integration efforts, is continuously increasing.

CCC Web2Pay AuthorizeNet
CIC cyberMUT
Luottokunta Ogone
SPPlus PayflowPro

Liberty Alliance advocates a federated identity, whereby users can actually pay and form subscriber relations with operators also anonymously, the Liberty payment partners being in charge of their vetting. Of course, payment based on the Liberty identity is equally possible for fully known subscriber relations as well as fully anonymous one-off usage scenarios. SAB Server has been demonstrated to work compliant to Liberty specifications. Project Liberty has gained impressive industry support by leading operators, vendors and service houses.

liberty alliance