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Global Roaming Partners

Wificom's SAB Server™ allows for instant roaming with thousands of operators and ISPs around the world through the following roaming partners. SAB Server™ has built-in interfaces for all of them.

iPass Inc. is a leading provider of secure, IP-based remote connectivity services to global 1000 enterprises and over 600 carriers and ISPs worldwide. By seamlessly integrating wireless, broadband and dial technologies into a single client interface, iPass offers unparalleled simplicity and convenience for mobile and telecommuting professionals who need secure access to their corporate applications.
GoRemote, now part of iPass, is a provider of Internet-based mobile office communications services for mobile professionals. The GoRemote Mobile Office service provides mobile and remote business people with an easy-to-use software client that allows them to securely connect to the Internet and their corporate networks from thousands of cities in more than 150 countries through dial-up, ISDN, and broadband wireless access points.


Boingo is one of the most dedicated and widely-spread WLAN aggregators in the world. As of 2006, the company has assembled a large and rapidly growing roaming system with over 60'000 hot spots. Boingo has also developed its own powerful software for end users to discover and connect to WLAN networks in hot spots and to 3G wireless networks.

ICSS is a full service provider, offer-ing a complete range of wholesale products and services for mobile and fixed operators, and Internet Service Providers, who are looked after locally via a global sales network. The basis for ICSS' comprehensive Service Offering Portfolio (Voice, IP/Data, Customized
solutions, Bandwidth) is an expanding ultramodern infrastructure - the Telekom Global Net - which connects major international busi-ness centers .


WeRoam® is the trading name of Swiss company TOGEWAnet AG. Established in 2001 and owned by TOGEWA Holding and Infonet Services Corporation, WeRoam® specializes in mobility management and roaming optimization solutions for the mobile and wireless telecommunications sector. The WeRoam® service facilitates the seamless integration of WLAN and GSM network technologies, enabling global roaming for WLAN services and thereafter facilitating automatic and secures roaming between WLAN, GSM and GPRS.


Trustive is an easy-to-use, premium high-speed wireless Internet service. The Trustive network reaches airports, hotels, congresses, train stations, cafés and many more business/public locations with hundreds of Hotspots all over Europe. Trustive is a Virtual WISP, and has therefore built its network through its WISP Partner Program. Trustive's core business is selling Wireless Internet Access to the Corporate end user in Europe, using direct (i.e. telemarketing, sales presentations by Account Managers, etc.) and indirect (i.e. print, radio, etc.) sales.