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Important Notice to Middle-Eastern Customers

Helsinki, October 2nd, 2007

This is to notify our valued clientele in the Middle East that the company still known as "Wificom Middle East FZ-LLC" (later abbreviated as "WME") has no legal rights to resell the SAB Server™ product in any form, whether sold as a run-time license, a hosted service, or any other. The reseller rights of WME were revoked by a termination letter sent in December 2005, subsequent to which WME has had no right to resell licenses as of June 2006. More recently, motivated by their continued IPR infringements and non-payment of royalties, also WME's license to host or use the SAB Server™ has been terminated.

WME never have had and do not have any right to represent Wificom Technologies Oy as a company. Yet it has been brought to our attention that in their communications in the local market they have used names, logos, and web addresses that have been either identical with, or easily confused with, those currently or previously used by and exclusively belonging to Wificom Technologies Oy. With reference to initial contracts governing the management of WME, Wificom Technologies Oy has demanded for a long time that WME change their name to one that does not infringe upon the Wificom trade name. Yet the management of WME has failed to do so despite ample time.

Please note that buying today the SAB Server™ product in any form, whether as a run-time license, a hosted service, or any other, from WME is not only software piracy on the part of WME but also will not result in any right for such a buyer to use the product, which is protected by international copyright laws.

We are working on rebuilding our presence in the Middle East through more reputable resellers.

In sales-related enquiries, please contact info(at) so that we can put you in touch with the right reseller in your local area.

If you happen to be in a position to give us further information about the recent conduct of business of WME, please contact legal(at) to help us collect the evidence against WME and its management.

If you have previously bought SAB Server™ or related services from WME, please contact legal(at) to help us determine whether you have a legally acquired software license or whether your organisation may be using the software without a valid license.